Friday, March 30, 2007

Pursuit of money

Pursuit of Money
The pursuit of money makes alternates my everyday being. For the pursuit of money I do a lot of different things. In high school I use to sell candy. I go to college. My goal here is to learn what I need to get a good fun and paying job. Now I have a part time job at a gas station. In the end I do what I do to try to get paid.
In my high school days I wasn’t getting paid. That’s not a conscience because nobody I knew was getting money back then. In my 11 grade year I started driving and gas was expensive. My part time job wasn’t paying enough to support me. So what I started doing was selling candy. I would buy it for a cheap price from Sam’s club. Then I would go to school and sell it for twice the price. Everyone would buy from me because my prices were cheaper than the schools prices. On average I would make 25 dollars a day. As time went on my schoolmates would take my idea and try to use it. It didn’t matter because I was the originator and I would still make the most money. When graduation came it was time for college and I was hopping that I could do something similar to get money
I’m here in college to learn. I want to major in something and hopefully get a good job. There are others reasons that I am here. I want to enjoy myself as well as get to know new people. In the end I am shooting for that degree.
Since I know that getting that getting that degree is four to five years from now I now have a part time job at Meijers gas station. At the gas station I am a clerk. I help people get gas as well as other goods. I wouldn’t do that for free. I get paid a wealthy amount. It doesn’t pay for college but it does help me take care of my short term needs.
In the end my everyday living involves the pursuit of money. In the past I ran a business selling candy in high school. Now I go to college hopefully to get a degree and apply what I learned in the real world. I also have a part time job that helps me take care of my short term needs. The pursuit of money is what is running my world. In the end my only objective is to try to get paid.