Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bloggers United

Blogging can help unite those who surf the internet with similar interest. By blogging they can share their thoughts by posting whatever they want and the people who read the post can freely write back. They can respond to blogs without holding back because chances are that they’re writing back to someone they don’t know. Out of the six billion people in the world a little over a billion have access to the internet. Out of those billion people some of them have to have things in common. From talking about politics to gaming and all in between there is something for everyone and by looking it up the right way everyone can find something that suit there interest and write about it. Blogging is all about writing to an audience to get responses, and to see how others feel about what the blogger talking about.

An example of how blogging can help to open up minds in on Blogging from EA Today. There they are talking about how women are becoming bigger gamers, even until the point that conference about women gaming coming up. It goes unnoticed how many women enjoyed games. The blog is short but she talks about getting to the conference and meeting some of the legendary female gamers. An interesting part was the responses that were made after the blog. There are always going to be people who are sexist towards video gaming. These comments came between two people. The guy talked about how the companies attract female customers. Basally he said that ladies only buy board games. The lady responded by saying since there is 38% of ladies playing gaming counsels that there must be some playing video games. In the last response the guy admitted that he was mad that girls had a game conference and that he wasn’t invited.

The gaming blog is a good example of how blogs can unite people with similar ideas as well as sway opinions. People can say whatever they want in responses. The guy who was responding to that blog sounds like an idiot. He gets his opinion sawed by a lady and he also emitted to a little jealously. I’m sure if he knew the lady that responded back he would not have said anything. In turn he didn’t hold back his feelings of women gamers.

Blogging helps see what others who are like you feel about what’s going on in the world. Over the internet you can express how you feel around people who are going through the same thing that you are going through as a citizen. On Gas Prices you can find people making comments about them. One thing that everyone has in common is that everyone has a problem with these gas prices. It’s relieving to see that people feel the same way that you do about things that affect your every day life. What is amazing is that it’s happening all over the world. People from Sweden have seen gas prices reach the equalvent of six U.S dollars. Its becoming a world wide problem and everyone is acknowledging it. People are in shock. As an anonymous writer put it, he said “ Are we getting to the point where people will have to change the driving habits to beat the system” because stats show that prices are going up but people are still buying gas at the same rate as they were when it was under 1.50. Another thing that was on this website was that these people are just like me. People trying to support themselves have one more thing to worry about. They’re outraged and by stating how they feel about gas prices they are catching the attention of others that are reading there blogs who feel the same way.

In the end you can see the blogging helps unite people with similar ideas and interest. With the internet being so easy to access it’s quickly becoming the best form of non-verbal communication. We can see people debate online about a certain subject. This was shown in the firs blog when the guy thought that a women’s gaming conference was a waste of time. He also thought that women gamers weren’t real gamers at all. The women disagreed and supported her position with facts. We also see that people blog to talk about things that affect them in everyday life. As we seen in the second and third blog about gas prices people have the same opinions. Everyone was saying when the gas prices are going to go down for good. There was lots of outrage and strong opinions about gas prices. It also seamed that the people’s opinions were about the same. Blogging is a beautiful world. I’m proud that I am a part of this world.

Money buying happiness

Does money really buy happiness? This is a mixed debate for this question so I went to . It lead me to a blog called Money Happiness (And More of It). The opinion that the author Jane Chin had was almost the same as everyone who thinks money can buy happiness. Something that she did different was use the physical aspect rather than the emotional aspect. Our opinions are different because I don’t believe that money can buy happiness. I would be naive to say that money doesn’t help one state of being, but I know it can’t make someone 100% happy.

In this blog Jane Chin is responding to another blog by Sarah Needleman called “Will earning more make you happier?” that can be found on At first she declares yes that money could make you happier depending on how you define happy. First she talks about her study of the income ranges in this web log from 20,000 to 90,000 dollars. From her personal experience when she was making 20,000 dollars she was still in graduate school. Then after graduate school she got up into the 90,000 dollar range. Chen said that she was relatively happier when making more money. She also stated that life in this money range wasn’t a walk in the park as she stated that there was more stress because she wasn’t quite satisfied with her career. Her stress went as far as to triggering episodes of depression. Going deeper into her blog she states that it is an illusion that high income is associated with good mood. Daniel Kahneman, a professor who studied how amounts of money affected people, studied the belief of money buying happiness. He stated and Chin confirmed that when pay raises increase that it only had a temporary effect on how it satisfies a person. Then happiness was drawn into three categories: not too happy, pretty happy, and very happy. The data collected from this study was that people who made more money were happier. Also she mentions that we measure happiness to our peers. In the end she tells us that happiness is ultimately what we define it.

Jane Chin is in titled to an opinion. She states that she been in every price range throughout her life so she knows what is going on. Since she lived in all price ranges, she knows how money affected her. With that she can assume how money affects everyone else. Chin uses facts and study results that she got from Daniel Kahneman’s research. She saw that how she felt was the same as how they felt when they were in that price range.

This blog had a lot of things that I didn’t like. First she said money would make you happy depending on how you define happy. Then she said that she wasn’t as happy when she got paid. Chin was going against her word by saying one thing and then saying the exact opposite later in the paper. I think that the worst part of this blog that she didn’t bring out the emotional part as much as it should have been. Money can’t make some happy like she said. Or like she kind of said since she had two different answers in one blog on one question. The study that she used from Daniel Kahneman sticks out by using money values to determine happiness. Any self respecting person knows money contributes to happiness. It can’t buy happiness, and by putting a money value on it takes away from how much I should consider it. Her stand point was from some one who is working and thinking about what is going to make her happy. So in saying that she said in the blog she is using the working persons prospective. In not looking at the big picture of the question money buying happiness Chin basically saying that the materialistic part is the only part people need to be happy.

In the end I believe that Jane Chin does write too much about the materialistic part of happiness. She talks about if a person who drives a Porsche is happier than a person who drives a Pontiac. There is little touch with the emotions of a human being. I do believe that a person who has money is happier than a person who is broke. I just don’t think that a person who just has money and nothing else will be a person in good shape. It is much more than that to the point that we may never understand what will make us happy. Even if we do find out what it is we may never achieve it.

the chase

It started at the beginning of the night when my friend Joe and I; two high school students that were on there way to college, were having a boring night. It was one of the last days that I was going to have my mother’s car so we were trying to find some enticement. Later that night we went to pick up my friend Greg and soon the enticement started. It went from giving up on the night to what we simply know as “the chase” through out a residential area. It seamed like the night went by fast while in memory it seamed to last forever.

It was the year 2006. My friend Joe and I were excited because graduation was around the corner. We had just got finished filling out our papers to go off to college. We tried to go to college together but his heart said Toledo as mine was shouting Ohio State. We were a little uptight during that day because we were arguing about where we should go to school. During this argument I tried to pursue him by saying “Ohio State has a good Business program.” He responded by saying “Forget that, I’m not going to a regional campus.” He went on saying “I thought you were going to have my back.” Then I ended by saying “Forget it, you can go where ever you want.” After tensions subsided we found ourselves getting bored. I had my mothers 2004 Buick Revandos, so we decided to go to the Richmond Town Mall in Richmond, Ohio. After entering the mall and doing a little window shopping we left the mall to go to his house to engage in some games of NBA Live.

We engaged in some games of NBA live. Since Joe and I were already in a in a bad mood, these games involved more shouting and stuff talking than usual. For example I would say “Buckets” after every point I scored. Then he would say “Forget that dude” after every time he would score on my best defender. A couple of hours had passed until I got a call from my friend Greg to pick him up from a more distant mall. So Joe and I finished our last game of NBA live and were off to Randall Park Mall.

On the way there the silence was like hearing a roach read an essay. We were both were still little mad over our College argument so Jay-Z was the only one in the car talking. Thirty minutes later Greg and a couple of his buddies hoped into the car and conservation resumed. We were talking about what we could do that night. There were the options of going to the movies, going to the club, and lastly going to house parity. The first option seamed at the time kind of gay. It wouldn’t look right to go into a movie with a bunch of dudes. The second option of going to the club was going to run over into the time I had to take my mothers car home. She said that the car had to be home by 12 o’clock. The club wasn’t going to let out until four o’clock so that option was out of the question.

What was the last option on our list quickly became the only option. We were on our way with a felling of uncertainty. Joe said “This doesn’t seam like a good idea.” The way that day was going something bad had to have happened to the house parity. As we pulled up we saw people leaving. When we asked why a couple of people answered “Five O shut the place down. I let out a loud “Fuck” and without wasting any time I put the car into drive and naturally rode away. All of our options were dead and it we figured that it was time to go home. Greg asked “Can we go to McDonalds.” And I was taking my anger out on everyone and I said “Whatever fat boy.” On our way home we went to mc Donald’s. As we were getting our orders we saw a couple of ladies pull up in a blue Honda accord.

We decided to try to try to talk to them. Conservation got started from car to car. Towards the end of the conversation I said to the driver of the car “Let me get your number.” She was like “Only if you catch me.” And then she blew me a kiss. I was not about to go chasing her but everyone in my car was telling me to chase her. I started barking like a dog in joking purpose as I switched the car from park to drive and headed the same way the Honda was going. The car started speeding up and that’s when the chased began. Down side streets we went. The rush of doing 45 down a neighborhood street made me feel alive. I had to worry about so many things like the threat of the cops too making sure that nothing hoped in my way. After a couple of turns the car in front of me came to a stop. I was able to keep up, and it was time to get that number.

The passengers asked a couple of my friends to get out the car. I shouted “Noooooooooo” but those walking hormones could help themselves. As they reached the Honda there was a little conservation. In ten seconds the sound of mission failed left in a big “Skirttttttttt”ing noise as the ladies hurried up to pull off. As fast as they tried to get in the car was about the same time that they were gone. We tried to hurry them up but when everyone got back into the car they were gone. The chase that seamed to have last forever was over.

On the way home there was light conservation about what had just happened. It was clear to everyone in the car that I was the best driver. Everyone who got out the car was getting grief from everyone who didn’t get out the car. The conversation ended with laughs and light jokes. After I dropped everyone off Joe and I talked about how our day went from boring to fun. “Its amazing how I was having such a bad day that it ends like this.” I replied “You and me both dude.” We let things go and we told each other that it don’t matter where we going to college as long as we go. It seamed that the chase was what we needed to lighten the mood. We were more open to going to places that we were more comfortable with that just going to places where we were both there.

In the end we didn’t realize how that day would stick with us. Every time that we bring up a fun moment the day of the chase comes up. After starting so boring the day ended with a high speed chase. That’s something that between us two that we will never forget.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Song cry

I love to listen to music. It brings me to a good mood all the time. Since there are some people who don’t like or understand rap music I will walk you through some Jay-z lyrics. For those who don’t know he is the greatest rapper living. This song is called Song Cry and he talks about a lady he use to love.

Good dudes - I know you love me like cooked food – who don’t like good old home cookin.Even though a nigga got move like a crook move- he always on the go and he’s got love for the special lady that he talking about in the songWe was together on the block since free lunchWe shoulda been together havin 4 Seasons brunch- I had free lunch back in the day. He is bacicaly saying that they should be tougher throughout the year. Throughout there lifeWe used to use umbrellas to face the bad weatherSo now we travel first class to change the forecast- she was there when he was broke, now he is rich and she is right there for now.Never in bunches, just me and youI loved your point of view cause you held no punches- he loved her real point of view. When its them 2 there are no intruptions and they can enjoy eachothers time.Still I left you for months on endIt's been months since I checked back in- its been a long time since they talked for reasons we don’t know yet.Well somewhere in a small town, somewhere lockin a mall downWoodgrain, four and change, Armor All'd down- he is some where getting a car. Thinking about his love. He is just describing his surroundings.I can understand why you want a divorce nowThough I can't let you know it, pride won't let me show it- he knows he been disrespecting her. Not showing enough attention and she has had it and doesn’t want to be with S.C anymore.Pretend to be heroic, that's just one to grow withBut deep inside a nigga so sick- he got too much pride to beg for forgiveness like most dudes including me. But on the inside all men need love too.

That’s just the first verse. I suggest you read the rest of the verses and even try to listen to the music. It may be a little different but there is a message in all music.