Friday, May 25, 2007

Why did I do It

Why Did you write about this subject?

I did pursuit of a good time at first because I was in need of a topic. I did my first paper and didn’t realize that I was on the wrong topic. I soon found out after my teacher told me. After I did my first paper I didn’t feel like rewriting the paper again. After thinking about it The Pursuit of a Good Time was the perfect topic for me to do. At that point I was need of a good time for a wile. School has been stressing me out and I felt if I talked about something that will put me in a better mood, then I will be in a better mood as I was writhing all of these papers. It was something that I related to as well. I’ve had a couple of good times in my life. It helped to write about something that I knew about.

I didn’t realize how much I would have write about this subject. If I had a chance to do it all over again I would. One thing that I feel that should have been different was that I thought we could write about what ever we want at that time. I could feel like writing about something else but nope I had to write about that subject. I wasn’t all for it in the beginning, and I’m still not in favor of it. Well it has been an ok experience, and it’s almost over. When it is over I’m not going to miss it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

5 things that represent a good time

I saw a blog a bout what some guy thought a good time was I was thinking about the last time I had a good time. As I was thinking I realized that it has been a wile since I had great time. So instead of going that far into my head I just thought of what bring great times to me. I came up to my top 5 and this is what I got.

Getting/ Wearing hats. There nothing like this feeling. The felling of getting new hats is the sweetest joys next to getting… well you know what the rest of the saying is. When I do get hats I get clothes, and I wear my hats with my clothes. I feel rejoiced and ready to live life again. When I get a new hat it’s a whole new beginning.
Partying. Planed or not as long as I’m in one dancing the night away with a little liquor in my system (Preferably some Grey Goose) it all good. I forget about all of life’s worries for that little moment in time I’m am having a good time.
Going to Cleveland. This one is hard. When I haven’t seen my family members in a wile it’s nice to be around them. I’m able to find out how things are going. I also get to see friends. As long as things are going well I’m doing well. If I’m up there too long it gets boring and I fell like doing something out the ordinary. That’s when I get in to the trouble.
Gaming. I love to play games. I never grew out of video games and I don’t plan on growing out of them. I haven’t been playing since school been in secession but when school gets out I will be wasting hours at a time in front of the T.V going through story lines or gaming online.
Watching Cavs, Browns, Buckeyes, and Indians games. I love basketball, football and even baseball. I am a home town kid as well so it all makes sense to me. It has become harder to be a Browns fan because they always do dumb things but they can’t be unlucky forever. Can they. Don’t answer that I don’t want to know.

That’s what symbolizes a good time to me. I try to have these times because it’s a stressful world. I’m in need of these times to keep me waiting to go on. These are the moments that are the rarest and the ones that we talk most about. So god if you reading thins please keep them coming for all of us.

Friday, May 11, 2007


“Nice weather were having.” From the campus of Newark Ohio to the Congestion of Columbus Ohio I hear how the weather is. When I’m at work and not getting into trouble I admire the weather from the inside as the sun makes its journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific. I feel good. I am happy and during these war sunny days I notice that people that I deal with feel the same way.

I always wondered why these type of days bring smiling faces and the rainy days don’t. For example I will be at work, and I find myself getting smarter and being more intolerant to asshole customers on raining days than on sunny days. When I think about a conflict between me and the customers I’ll think to myself on a sunny day that I could have made a scene with that customer and cussed her/him out. After thinking about it a little wile I chalk up being nice to the nice weather that’s outside. On a rainy day it’s a different story. I find myself being less tolerant to customers and getting calls form the main store that I just got a complaint. I might be thinking to my boss to f**k off but I keep that to myself just because I got bills to pay and I need a job to pay it with.

When I’m outside on a beautiful day my options open up. I like to work out so I could take my work out outside. On a bad day I forced to work out inside. That might make me not want to work out at all. When the weather is bad no one is out, but when the sun is out you see people having a good time. People doing what they enjoy and letting the good times roll.

Friday, May 4, 2007


I love hats. I have 27 hanging up on my wall. The worst part about that is that I lost about ten from things to misplacement to it actually getting stolen from me. Even when these things happen I will go to the store and get another hat. I do have rules on how my hats have to be. There are some that are not real. In other words if the hat doesn’t have 59/50 inside the hat I am not wearing it. There are some acceptations to the rule. For example I may wear rebook hats or Mitchell and Ness but for the most part I only where 59/50 on my head.

On a regular day I will think about hats. If I need a new one I will go to look at my wall and say in my head that I need a new hat. When these situations come up I usually know what I what to get. I will think about how much money I will need to get the hat. It is usually 27.48 which is a small price to pay for something so beautiful. Then I will be on my way. Out the house I fly to my car then I fly to the mall. It seams like an entirety to get there because I so anxious to get to the mall. In the blink of an eye I'm there and I go through the mall observing all of god’s creations. Soon I see big bold letters saying Lids and right then I know that the world could come to and end and I would even panic because I know lids is with me.

There is no better felling than to go to lids and give them my discount card and say something like “Let me get that all black Indians hat.” And it doesn’t end there. I am convinced that I’ve been put on this earth to give New Era employees a hard time. I then give them my second round of request and say please get me a hat from the back because I know that all display hats are the dirty hats. Afterwards when getting ready to ring out I’ll see another hat that I want to buy. It becomes one of those days that instead of spending 27.48 I’ll be spending 54.96. I don’t care it will be 54.96. Then I give them my credit card and then I am on my way.

I am on my way out and the things that I complain about don’t seam as important anymore. People that I get into small arguments in the near past are forgiven. When I get new hats life becomes that much more beautiful. Sometimes I think how can something so small as a hat make me feel this way. I never find out, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m feeling good and that’s all that matters.