Friday, April 27, 2007

Cavs game

He shoots it and it is good again. That’s what I like to hear, the best player in the world Lebron James is lighting it up again. The Cavs are playing together as a team and when that happens there is nobody in the NBA who can see them. As I am listening to the game I hear the fans shouting in joy about what the Cavs are doing. The only problem is that I am listening to what they are doing instead of seeing what they are doing.
It is a Wednesday morning and I am on my way to getting a pair of Cavs tickets for my brother and me. It’s a beautiful spring day down Euclid Avenue in Cleveland Ohio, the greatest city in the world. As I am on the way to the stadium I cant stop thinking about me being at the Cavs game, but soon as this thought pops into my head it starts to rain(that Cleveland weather is about as predictable as Whitney Houston going into rehab) so this had to be the beginning of a bad day. When I got to the stadium the person who I was suppose to get the tickets from waits until I get to the point of where we are suppose to meet to call and say that all the tickets are sold out. I was a little upset but that was just the beginning.
Hours passed and I figured that I will be able to watch the game on NBA T.V. So after a hard day of work I tune into NBA T.V to watch the game. I tune in early to see the pre game. I saw that they were in practice lines and I was getting pumped to watch the game. I went to the bathroom and as I was finishing up I heard a big scream. I ran out and to my surprise the Cavs game was blacked out. I was in shock but nothing to worry about I had an idea.
I told my brother to grab his car so we can go to a sports bar and watch it there. As soon as I was getting on my appeal was as soon as my mom was on her way to work with my car. To make matters worst she didn’t even leave her car keys. On that day I felt like I was walking under ladders all day. I didn’t even car anymore I gave up on trying to watch the game and decided to listen to the radio. It wasn’t like watching it but I the least the Cavs could have done was win there game. And that’s exactly what they did.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Birth of tha hustle

While I was in high school I would think about ways to get paid. Back then the best times was the times I was getting money. I would be in class and the teacher was teaching. Being around the same people for 180 day out of the whole year was bound to make your mind wonder off some times. As she was talking a thought came to my mind. Since I was working at a local grocery store I figured that I could find some goods to sell in school. That was the hardest step. The easiest step was what to sell. I knew that everyone in school were fens for chocolate so I figured that that’s what I needed to sell. That was the birth of my hustle.
I went to work later that day. I couldn’t work without thinking about how much money I could make. As the time passed I got more nervous. I was going to make my first purchase to stat up my business and I couldn’t help being excited. Hours passed and sweat dried up as I fished that day at work. The purchasing of my goods was here. I went to the candy aisle and went crazy. I had everything from starburst to M@Ms. Before I knew it I was up to 100 dollars in candy. I checked out and was on my way home.
Later that night I had a talk with my mom. She asked me what I was going to do if my business fell on its face. I had no answer. She was saying that I shouldn’t have purchases so much stuff. I went to sleep that night and dreamed that no one was buying my product. I just wasted 100 dollars and I had nothing to show for it. My alarm clock couldn’t some soon enough as I soon woke up. I took a shower and the whole nine and went to school that day not knowing what to expect.
The school bell rung to begin the day and I started out by telling everyone about my business. Everyone loved the idea of supporting me rather than the school. Soon they came by the flocks. Everybody from students to facility members want to buy things off of me. Twenty four hours later I sold out and made about 300 dollars that day. I was overjoyed and I knew that this moment I was going through was one of the best moments of my life.
I continued to sell candy but I never had a day like that again. I would still make about 50 dollars per day. The school started cracking down on me but they couldn’t put a complete stop to it. During that time I pursuit money and that was the good life to me. No one can ever take that away from me.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The good times

Good times have been unpredictable for as long as I can remember. They come around in a variety of ways. The most common ways that good times come around are hype nights and surprise nights. Planed times tend to come around more than surprise times. The times that are planed are usually fun but they usually never live up to the hype. Surprise nights are usually the best times.
Planed nights are nights that you want to be fun. During the day before these nights people buy new outfits. I usually go all out and get a hat that matches my brand new outfit. There always talk about what is going on that is suppose to be so fun. It seams every where you go the event is on everyone’s mind. Everything from Sports to Parting nights get blown up that when the event comes around is not as good as one expects. It is not true for all events. There are times where the event exceeds the hype, but usually that’s not the case.
Unplanned events are usually the best. It could be something as simple as a bored late night in a college dorm. If you are not bored by yourself it could be the makings of a fun time. Multiple things could get started. As a college student the wildest of things can happen. If you don’t plan it it’s almost always going to be better than expected. The unexpected is always what we as human beings always remember.
These kinds of times are unpredictable. The planed times could be fun. Most times you know that this time can be fun. There usually organized, and if something goes wrong there are always back up plans. As for unplanned times when things go wrong they usually are the worst things possible. That’s why I take the times as they come. You will never know what you will get.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Pursuit of a good time

I think that the pursuit of a good time is what keeps me going. Life is hard. Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in the darker moments of my days. I’m always worrying about the materialistic things. These things include school, work, and my well being. They are of course things that one should always be worried about, but not too much. So sometimes I need a good time to get my mind off these worries and to relax. The pursuit of a good time might include the pursuit of ladies, the pursuit of money, and pursuing a goal I’ve seat for myself.
For the pursuit of ladies I have a story that took place in my senior year of high school. It was a chase I had in my mother’s car. My friend and I had gotten into an argument earlier that day. After the chase our day got a lot better. It wasn’t anything dangerous. It was just a time that kept my mind off the future for a wile.
Money is something that is always worrying me. Everything I do in life seams to revolve around money. The thing is after I get it I can have a good time with it. I can buy almost any thing with it. After I use it I have find another way to get it. It may be the same way I got it the first time or I may have found another way to get it.
Another way I fell that good times will come around more often is if I reach goals that I set for myself. Some goals that I set are not as important to me later than when I originally seat them. Now that I’m in college the ultimate goal is to graduate with a degree in engineering. I know that this is what my life depends on. At times I get a little side tracked. The people that I’m always around give me extra motivation. There are things that happen during my days that also help me keep focused. For example I see others doing well and that makes me want to do well. I feel that if I can reach my goal I will a happier person. Soon the good times will come rolling in and I will overall be a happier person.
In the end the pursuit of a good time keeps me going. There are examples of people doing well that make me want to do the same way. Ladies as well as money keeps me going as well. If I can keep on going I feel that I can do anything. That to me will be the best time of all is when I prove I can.