Friday, May 18, 2007

5 things that represent a good time

I saw a blog a bout what some guy thought a good time was I was thinking about the last time I had a good time. As I was thinking I realized that it has been a wile since I had great time. So instead of going that far into my head I just thought of what bring great times to me. I came up to my top 5 and this is what I got.

Getting/ Wearing hats. There nothing like this feeling. The felling of getting new hats is the sweetest joys next to getting… well you know what the rest of the saying is. When I do get hats I get clothes, and I wear my hats with my clothes. I feel rejoiced and ready to live life again. When I get a new hat it’s a whole new beginning.
Partying. Planed or not as long as I’m in one dancing the night away with a little liquor in my system (Preferably some Grey Goose) it all good. I forget about all of life’s worries for that little moment in time I’m am having a good time.
Going to Cleveland. This one is hard. When I haven’t seen my family members in a wile it’s nice to be around them. I’m able to find out how things are going. I also get to see friends. As long as things are going well I’m doing well. If I’m up there too long it gets boring and I fell like doing something out the ordinary. That’s when I get in to the trouble.
Gaming. I love to play games. I never grew out of video games and I don’t plan on growing out of them. I haven’t been playing since school been in secession but when school gets out I will be wasting hours at a time in front of the T.V going through story lines or gaming online.
Watching Cavs, Browns, Buckeyes, and Indians games. I love basketball, football and even baseball. I am a home town kid as well so it all makes sense to me. It has become harder to be a Browns fan because they always do dumb things but they can’t be unlucky forever. Can they. Don’t answer that I don’t want to know.

That’s what symbolizes a good time to me. I try to have these times because it’s a stressful world. I’m in need of these times to keep me waiting to go on. These are the moments that are the rarest and the ones that we talk most about. So god if you reading thins please keep them coming for all of us.


Amanda Gehres said...

I understand where your coming from when you like having a good day. Shopping is something that I don't do very often, but when I do I love the feeling of getting something new! I like to be able to relax and watch the Buckeyes play too. That is somthing that gets me excided and happy when they win. :) We all need some good days and it's always nice to have those. Overall, nice post!

Derek John Boczkowski said...

Mr A.--

A nice post, although you need to link the text to the URL address and not just post the URL in the text. See me about how to do this.

Also, see me about creating a list in Blogger.

And a note: It's "feel," not "fell."

Save for the technical difficulties, a nice post.


jessica myers said...

Haha!:) Your I can't believe you ate it still hungry!!!:/ OH well....but yeah, people are rude. Ive met the most nastiest, rude customers working in the place I do. I hope that your job gets better, and they should give you props when you sell them winning lottery tickets. I wish they would give you credit, so they can give you money..and then you can give me some...haha ;)
take care, and have a good wkd.

ps-i still want my pizza!:(