Friday, May 11, 2007


“Nice weather were having.” From the campus of Newark Ohio to the Congestion of Columbus Ohio I hear how the weather is. When I’m at work and not getting into trouble I admire the weather from the inside as the sun makes its journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific. I feel good. I am happy and during these war sunny days I notice that people that I deal with feel the same way.

I always wondered why these type of days bring smiling faces and the rainy days don’t. For example I will be at work, and I find myself getting smarter and being more intolerant to asshole customers on raining days than on sunny days. When I think about a conflict between me and the customers I’ll think to myself on a sunny day that I could have made a scene with that customer and cussed her/him out. After thinking about it a little wile I chalk up being nice to the nice weather that’s outside. On a rainy day it’s a different story. I find myself being less tolerant to customers and getting calls form the main store that I just got a complaint. I might be thinking to my boss to f**k off but I keep that to myself just because I got bills to pay and I need a job to pay it with.

When I’m outside on a beautiful day my options open up. I like to work out so I could take my work out outside. On a bad day I forced to work out inside. That might make me not want to work out at all. When the weather is bad no one is out, but when the sun is out you see people having a good time. People doing what they enjoy and letting the good times roll.


Derek John Boczkowski said...

Mr. A--

I like the different ways you investigate how you and others have "good times." And I like the narrative--although your task was to write in a different format here. But you need to do a better job explaining the connection tp "pursuit of a good time" in your posts. Also, I'm not sure how the URL you include (which is not exactly how I wanted you to do things) connects to your point, other than the final line. This link would need a little explanation. And be a careful proofreader. For example, you wrote "war sunny days"--not what you meant, I'm sure.

3/5 (format, link, proofreading)

jessica myers said...

:) It's always a good time reading your post. I honestly enjoy it because I never know what your going to write about next. As far as you always getting in to trouble at your job, that cracks me up. I love to hear your stories about being sent home. Never really hear that kind of stories, so it's a good thing when I do.

I agree it's in the weather that your mood changes. I dealing with snobby, stuck-up, rich, nice, funny, and poor customers. No matter who it is, if it's nasty outside, I am less likely to be smiling from ear to ear. But let me tell you, if it is sunny outside, I will be in a great mood, that is if I know I will be able to get off work in time to enjoy the day.

I just think that it comes and goes with who you are. If you enjoy the outdoors, it's going to be more than likely that you will have a good day when it's nice, and a bad day when it's bad outside.

By the way, I still wanted that pizza!:)